We sat down with famed Disney animator Dale Baer to discuss his career.

Dale trained under renowned Disney Legend John Lounsbury, animating on classics such as Robin Hood, Winnie The Pooh, and The Rescuers.

He went on to start his own studio, Baer Animation, which for many years was a very successful commercial studio. In this time period he kept connections with the Disney studio by working on Roger Rabbit, Prince and the Pauper, and the Lion King.

When the market for commercials declined Dale Baer returned to Disney in 1998 where he has since supervised such characters as Yzma in Emperor’s New Groove, Slim in Home on the Range, Wilbur Robinson in Meet the Robinsons, Owl in the latest Winnie the Pooh movie, as well as once again animating Mickey Mouse in the short film Get A Horse.

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  1. George says:

    good podcast. Always interesting to hear BTS stuff from the old animation days and even the current days. Wasn’t there an article a few months back that Disney had let go their last traditional animators, Dale and Nik? or something like that? I’ll have to dig for it. Looking forward to the next podcast.

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